Moroka Swallows unveil Drip as new technical sponsor

Moroka Swallows have officially announced Drip as their new technical sponsor ahead of the 2023/24 season.

In a statement on Tuesday, Swallows said: “The relationship between DRIP and Moroka Swallows in this era, is quite a significant one.

“DRIP is a lifestyle brand that is now confidently spreading its wings and tapping into the world of sports, whereas Swallows is going back to its roots by adopting its original name “Moroka Swallows” and in the process acquiring a new coach and new team players.

“Both brands are going through a “rebirth” and as a result, this partnership was a no brainer. It is the merging of 2 brands and the beginning of a great story for both Local Football and Sportswear Brands. Welcome to REBIRTH….”

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